Protect Your Data in AWS

Preventing unauthorized access to data in AWS is hard.  The security model is complex, apps and teams change constantly, and security experts are hard to find.

Security, Platform, and Data teams can’t keep up with the explosive growth (10x or 100x) and change in IAM roles and users for applications and people.

Who has access to what resources and data? 

The Challenge We Face

The three biggest challenges for managing AWS IAM effectively are:

Complex AWS Security Model

AWS policy evaluation is very complex.  Five kinds of policy, +3500 API actions, and frequent changes with new services and actions launching daily.

Changing Application Architectures

Application architectures evolve constantly to meet new requirements.  Applications are added to meet customer needs and also decomposed to scale with the organization.

Increasing Rate Of Change

Applications and their infrastructure are changing faster than ever. Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code can deliver multiple security changes per week, day, or hour.

Why Current AWS Identity Management Practices are Ineffective

AWS Security is Complex

Even security specialists find it hard to get AWS security policies right.  Five types of interacting security policy make it difficult to determine what “the policy” is.  Each of the +3,000 API actions have nuances and more actions arrive frequently.  Further, it’s difficult to validate that policies do what you think they do.

Cloud Teams Can’t Keep Up With 10x (or 100x) More Application Identities

Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure Automation increases the rate of change. Understanding which data and resources applications and people have access to is impossible for most teams.  Well-intentioned teams try to integrate security into their delivery processes, but this often overloads security specialists and delays projects.

The Common Methods of Managing AWS IAM Waste Effort & Increase Vulnerabilities

Manual security policy analysis and management methods cannot cope with the complexity and rate of change in AWS deployments.  Manually produced access analyses are invalid before they are even completed and difficult for non-experts to interpret.  This overloads specialists and results in over-provisioned access, data access vulnerabilities, compliance violations, and wasted engineering effort.

What Is Needed To Manage AWS IAM Ecosystems Effectively?


Daily reports contain clear, understandable assessment of the access  each application and person has to each resource, e.g. S3 bucket.

Robust Automation

Infrastructure automation libraries that enable the entire team to understand and improve data security by expressing their intended access control and letting the automation take care of implementation details.

Better Outcomes

Automated policy generation and access reporting improves security posture and eliminates tedious and error prone manual policy engineering, analysis, and report generation.

Continuous Reporting

Automatic reporting that happens in the background and monitors critical changes and modifications.  Engineers and auditors spend time reading a standardized analysis, not creating one.

Assess and Improve Your AWS Identity & Data Access Management Easily

k9 Security helps Cloud teams protect data in AWS by enabling engineers to understand and improve AWS security policies quickly and confidently.   Engineers deliver applications with greater security and lower risk than before, while saving time and money. 

Smart Assessment & Improvement


Simple Daily Reporting

Once configured, k9 will assess your entire AWS IAM ecosystem at midnight each night, and publish a report to your own secure inbox in S3. The json format is perfect for your SIEM and the Excel format is great for interactive analysis.

Robust Policy Automation

Improve your security policies by using k9’s infrastructure automation libraries to specify your intended access clearly and let k9 take care of generating a least privilege security policy.  See k9 Security’s Terraform library for AWS S3 on GitHub.

How k9 works

Our simple setup process will have you up and improving quickly (days, not weeks).


create account

Whether a limited trial, or full account, our signup process is straightforward and simple.

configure access

Configure k9 access to your company AWS IAM by our simple process. 


Daily assessments of your accounts are delivered to your secure inbox (S3 bucket).

Improve Policies

Use k9 access reports,  automation libraries, and pro support to improve security.

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